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You'll Find Wawa's Commitment to quality in every cup of Wawa Freshly Brewed Coffee

  • Regular
  • Decaf
  • Hazelnut
  • Dark Roast




Starbucks Coffee Company is the leading retailer, roaster and brand of specialty coffee in the world, with more than 6,000 retail locations in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim - wherever there is a demand for great coffee. 

    Breakfast Blend
We asked our coffee-tasting experts to create a blend just right for greeting the morning, and this is the result. Just as the sun fills the day with light, Starbucks® Breakfast Blend makes a bright impression as it sparkles and dances on your tongue – a sign of crisp acidity. A mild, light-bodied and flavorful coffee awaits you. 

    Caffè Verona
First we create a full-bodied blend of Latin American and Indonesian coffees. Then we add 20% of our Italian Roast coffee to give Caffè Verona its added depth and sweetness. The result is heavenly.  

    House blend
Our signature coffee, Starbucks® House Blend is a wonderfully vibrant blend of Latin American coffees. Take a sip. You'll notice the bright flavour is tempered with a mild taste and medium body, ending with a clean finish. With its balanced character and wide appeal, Starbucks® House Blend is a coffee you can drink all day long.  
    House Blend Decaf
This clean-finished decaf offers round smoothness in a balanced, straightforward cup. 

Sumatra has a full, syrupy body with virtually no acidity - so the coffee's intensity lingers in your mouth. The concentrated spicy, herbal notes and earthy aroma are the telltale signatures of this well loved coffee. The island of Sumatra produces 70% of Indonesian’s income and is home to over 38 million people.

    French Roast
Perhaps no other coffee demands more attention from our roasters. And the beans we use here are of the highest quality. In truth, they have to be in order to withstand the intense fires that make French Roast what it is – anything less than the sturdiest would be totally consumed by the heat.


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Whether your needs are business dining, office coffee service, white tablecloth restaurant or if you are just looking to get that great cup of coffee at home, Ellis Coffee Company is there to satisfy all of your beverage needs.

100% Columbian
A mild high-grown arabica coffee cultivated for its balance of acidity and body. Only the choicest of Colombians are selected to create this coffee of exciting complexity and uncompromising integrity.

Decaf 100% Colombian 
Ellis 100% Colombian in an exceptional decaffeinated coffee. The exciting complexity and integrity are there but 99.7% of the caffeine is not. The caffeine is removed before the delicate coffee oils are developed during roasting. You can serve this 100% Colombian decaffeinated coffee with pride. 

Natural Decaf
This coffee captures every one of the superb characteristics and aromatic flavor of 100% Colombian coffee. Naturally decaffeinated using only pure water and carbon dioxide, this natural process preserves all the balance and finesse of high grown Colombian arabica coffee and is 99% caffeine free. Be assured that Ellis Natural Decaf will please even the most discriminating coffee drinker.

Cafe Francaisé
This darker gourmet blend is a distinctive, richly fragrant coffee by international bistros and cafes. Ideal for lending a classic touch to your menu, Ellis Café Francaise appeals to the upscale coffee drinker intrigued by the romantic and unusual.  

Mocha Java
A traditional mixtures of wine-like acidic beans plus sweet heavy-bodied Java style arabicas represents coffee blending at its finest. Ellis Mocha Java is a truly luxurious and delicious cup of coffee with which to delight your guests. 

A blend of the finest prime washed arabica coffees from Central America, Colombia and Brazil. Presidential is a medium acid and full body blend that is perfectly balanced.

William Penn
Created for coffee lovers who demand rich, full-bodied flavor as well as great value. Roasted to bring out the full flavor and aroma, creating the ideal blend.   

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Produced specifically by a world class coffee roaster. Our Mezzaroma family of coffees appeal to the most discriminating coffee lover. With rich, full-bodied flavor and aroma, Mezzaroma supplies the intoxicating coffee experience you expect from Ellis.

Flavored Mezzaroma
Amaretto Cookie, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, French Vanilla Brulee, French Caramel Crème, Heavenly Hazelnut Decaf, Irresistible Irish Cream, Swiss Chocolate Almond Swirl, Vanilla Almond Crunch, Viennesse Cinnamon Stick, Pumpkin Spice (Seasonal).

Cape May
 In the grand victorian tradition, Cape May blend has a sweet floral aroma with palate cleansing acidity. 

Colombian100% Supremo
A medium bodied coffee, 100% Colombian's full aroma and clean winey flavor make this one of the most popular coffees in the world today. 

Costa Rican Tarrazu
Considered by many to be the world's finest coffee, Costa Rica Tarrazu is a light roasted coffee characterized by an unusually silky flavor, with a full well-balanced body, alluring aroma and smooth acidity. 

Dock Street
Experience old world flavor. Dock Street is characterized by a spicy aroma and a rich, heavy body. 

Royal Sumatra
With its slightly earthy flavor and herbal nuances, Royal Sumatra gives a heightened taste experience to even the most discerning coffee drinker. 

Royal Sumatra Natural Decaf
The same rich flavored of Royal Sumatra naturally decaffeinated to 99.9% caffeine free.  


                                              The best part of waking up.
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  • Decaf

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For more than 100 years, Maxwell House has been America’s coffee. For generations, the flavorful aroma and rich taste of Maxwell House coffee has brightened up mornings, energized gatherings and comforted moments.
  • Regular
  • Decaf
  • French Roast







Our goal is to provide you with an extraordinary coffee experience that’s also environmentally sound, socially just, and completely sustainable. Each day, we take steps along that path. Great tasting coffee crafted with care.

Green Mountain
   Donut House   Collecton  Bigelow Tea
 Breakfast Blend
 Donut House Bold
 Earl Gray             
 Breakfast Blend Decaf  Donut House Bold Decaf
 English Brakefast
 Caramel Vanilla  Cinnamon Roll
 Green w/ Chai
 Colombian  Chocolate Glazed Donut
 Green w/ Chai
 Dark Magic    I Love Lemon
 Dark Magic Decaf  Cafe Escapes
 Mint Medley
 Double Black Diamond  Cafe Mocha
 Orange & Spice
 French Roast  Chai Latte
 Pomegranate Green
 French Vanilla  Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa
 French Vanilla Decaf  Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa
 Celestrial Teas
 Half Caff    Green Decaf
 Hazelnut  Seasona Flavors
 Indian Chai
 Hazelnut Decaf * Hot Apple Cider
 Kenya AA  *Gingerbread (coming 11/20)
 Celestial Iced Teas
 Lake and Lodge  *Golden French Toast
 Black Sweet Lemon
 Mocha Nut Fudge  *Island Coconut
 Black Sweet Rasp.
 Nantucket  *Pumpkin Spice
 Black Unsweeteded
 Newman's Own Bold
 *Spicy Eggnog (coming 11/20)      
 Black Southern Sweet
 Newman's Own Decaf
 * Call for availability
 Tea & Lemonade
 Our Blend

 Revv 22ct
Wolfgang Puck
 Caribou Coffee
 Revv Plus 22ct
Jamaica Me Crazy
 Caribou Blend
 Southern Pecan
 Breakfast in Bed
 Caribou Blend Decaf
 Sumatra Reserve
   Daybreak Morning Blend
 Vermont Country
 Tully's Mahogany
 Vermont Country Decaf
 House Blend
 Wild Blueberry
 Italian Blend
   French Roast
 Emeril's Big Easy
Iced Coffee
 Coffee House
 Emeril Jazzed Up Decaf
 Nantucket    Kahlua
 French Vanilla
 Gloria Jeans
 Sweet & Creamy
 Butter Toffee
 Starbucks 16ct
     Breakfast Blend
   Coffee People
 Pike's Place
   Donut Shop
   Jet Fuel
   Black Tiger

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Remember the good ol' days with this sweet, full-bodied all-American classic on ice.
Arabica coffee with a splash of sweet creamer.



Coffee Pods 

18 Pods/6 cartons per case (unless otherwise noted)



   Wolfgang Puck        Reunion Island          Organa Tea

Light Roast   
             Medium Roast      
        Black Tea           
Toscana  Colombia Las Hermosas  Chai
 Medium Roast
 Organic Colombia
Earl Gray
 Colombian Organic
 Colombia Decaf
 English Breakfast
 Rodeo Drive
 Donut Shop Blend
 White Tea
 Sorrento  Ethiopia Oromia
 Berry White
 Sorrento Decaf
 House Blend
 Pomegranate Bluebry
 Sumatra Kopi Raya
 Island Reserve
 Green Tea
 Chef's Reserve
 Organic Sumatra Koro
 Mint Green
 Breakfast Blend
 Dark Roast
 Panfired Green
 Dark Roast
 Herbal Tea
 South Pacific Organic
 French Roast
 Chamomile Lemon
 Vienna Coffee Houst
 Privateer Dark
 WP Espresso
 Sumatra Ketambe
 Noir - Extra Bold*
 Extra Bold
 Flavored Coffees
 Colombia Las Hermosas*
 French Vanilla
 Chocolate Buttercrunch*
 French Vanilla Decaf
 Colombia Dark Decaf*
 Hawaiian Hazelnut
 Rainforest  Guatemala*
 Hawaiian Hazelnut Decaf
 Rainforest  Guatemala Dark*
 Jamaica Me Crazy
 Organic French Roast*
 Caramel Cream
 French Vanilla*
 Oktober Spice-x Bold*
 Flavored Coffees
 Sweet Unity Farms
 Chocolate Buttercrunch
   French Caramel
   French Vanilla*
   French Vanilla Decaf*
   Irish Cream
   Vanilla Hazelnut Cream*
   Vanilla Hazelnut Cream Decaf*



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                                          Tea Pods
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                                                                 Coffee Pods

Exciting new flavors in a retro yet vibrand, fresh look. Our Donut Shop Blends anchors a line-up of all new flavors. You're sure to taste the defference in a Donut Shop Classics pod. 

  • Donut Shop
  • Donut Shop Dark
  • Travel Mug Pod 14oz
  • Decaf Donut Shop
  • Apple Fritter
  • Boston Cream
  • Cinnamon Coffee Cake
  • Chocolate Coconut Cake
  • Double Dip Chocolate
  • French Vanilla Cruller
  • Jelly Filled
  • Maple Glazed
  • Donut Shop Bakers Dozen


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                                                                  Coffee Pods

Enjoy freshly brewed coffee or tea with Cafte Classics myriad pod choices. Cafe Classics Coffee Pods are slow roasted to allow all of the subtle (and, not so subtle) nuances of each coffee to shine, either as a single origin or as a blend. We then package our pods in the finest film while we remove 98% of the oxygen which allows for maximum freshness.

  • Breakfast Blend
  • Columbian Supreme
  • Decaf Columbian
  • Guatemala Antique
  • Kona Blend
  • Sumatra Mandheling
  • Classic Extra Bold
  • French Roast
  • Expresso Extra Bold
  • Pacific Blend Extra Bold
  • Hazelnut
  • Decaf Hazelnut
  • French Vanilla
  • Jamacan Me Crazy
  • Tea English Breakfast
  • Tea Green with Lemon
  • Tea Herbal Fruit

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